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Video Therapy



How It Works

Video sessions, or Teletherapy, are typically offered to those who cannot make it to therapy in person. Examples of this might include severe weather (e.g., snow storms), holiday or work travel, injury, and more. Video or Skype sessions can make things easier for clients that move away and choose to continue working with the therapist they’ve been seeing.

We use a software called Zoom, which is both easy to use and HIPAA compliant. We simply email you a link, which connects you to the video session instantly through their website. Some might consider using sites like BetterHelp or Talkspace, which connects you to an online therapist. However, having a therapist that you can also meet in person is a benefit you will not find among other online therapy websites. This benefit provides the client with additional support from a therapist that is based in NYC.

Since we have a physical space, you are free to come in when you are in the city or on days where you have more open availability, providing an opportunity to form an even more trusting connection with your therapist. The space itself is small and comfortable with plenty of calming, natural light in an effort to create a safe space where we want to help. In addition, those websites may be less helpful to those dealing with more serious issues and concerns (PTSD, bipolar disorder, etc.), which require a more structured and formalized setting.

Like BetterHelp and Talkspace, we respond to emails and phone calls very quickly (within 24 hours but typically on the same day). If interested, please contact us about this and any other questions you may have about Teletherapy. Click here to read about other services we offer, and here to read our FAQ.