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Philosophy and Approach



  • MINDFULNESS: focusing one's awareness on the present moment, and the thoughts that currently occupy the mind, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. This allows you to release the past and to create a future that is more grounded.

  • CURIOSITY: the desire to personally learn and to grow, being open to new experiences and change.

  • EMPATHY: considering the feelings and experiences of those around us, making room for others, bringing positive change not only to ourselves but to other communities and our own environment.

  • AUTHENTICITY: being sincere, candid, and staying true to oneself - though always improving - despite and because of changes in our lives.

  • LIBERATION: freeing ourselves from our past, our fears, our bad memories, or from present sources of unhappiness that we do not need in our lives.

  • CONNECTEDNESS: connecting with the personal, mental aspects inside ourselves as well as humankind as a whole. Wondering, meeting, helping, expanding.


Insight-Oriented Therapy (Psychodynamic)
Insight-oriented therapy is based on the belief that through increased consciousness we can create new life experiences. This therapeutic process involves the therapist and client exploring and gaining a better understanding of how feelings, beliefs, actions, and events from the past may be influencing our current mindset and circumstances. The goal of insight-oriented therapy is to empower you with a sense of clarity so that you have the freedom to make new, adaptive, and healthier choices that support your continuing growth.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
This process is focused on addressing thought patterns, physical symptoms, and behaviors. Research shows that CBT is a very effective form of treating a variety of issues. Through compassionate and supportive care, we hope to create a safe space for you to feel comfortable in starting the process toward growth and reducing the feelings of depression and anxiety you may be feeling. CBT can be used alone or combined with mindfulness/meditation.

Mindfulness Practices
Through consistent practice, like meditation, we become more focused on the present and understand our experience in the here-and-now. Mindfulness teaches us to shift our attention away from negative thought patterns that lead to the unsatisfactory and problematic thoughts and behaviors and move toward positive and meaningful growth. Mindfulness can used alone or combined with insight-oriented therapy and CBT.