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LGBTQIA+ Affirmative




We pride ourselves in offering LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples a safe space to discuss issues they may be facing. We believe that everyone should be heard, and each persons experience is valid. Our therapists are receptive to the issues the community may be facing and are dedicated to helping both individuals and couples explore themselves and manage concerns they may have.


What is lgbtqia+ affirmative therapy

Individuals in the LGBTQ community share many common issues, sometimes unrelated to their sexuality and identity. Often times, one might come to therapy with relationship issues, identity issues, self-esteem concerns, and more. Despite the reasons someone might come to therapy, it is important to know that the therapist will be supportive, compassionate, and accepting. The understanding behind LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy is that the therapist will be present with the client and provide a space that feels welcoming and comfortable. It is defined as the acknowledgment and acceptance of the person's sexual orientation and identity, working toward developing a better sense of self, building authenticity, and strengthening one’s voice.