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Depression, anxiety, procrastination, shame, anger 

Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is a way to help people with a broad variety of mental illnesses and emotional difficulties. Psychotherapy can help eliminate or control troubling symptoms so a person can function better and can increase well-being and healing.

entrepeneur & start-up performance counseling

The “start-up world is the new American Dream. While being your own boss and creating the next revolution in an industry can be exhilarating, starting a new business comes with countless challenges, especially in New York, with its fierce competition. You will serve your business venture, your team, and yourself, by setting up time each week to sit down with someone who can support you along the way. Dr. Jones works extensively with individuals who want to become the authority in their field, and in their own life. 

relationships and intimacy

Whether you are a single person or in a partnership, it’s not uncommon for people to struggle with vulnerability, relying on others for support, and other anxieties associated with being intimate. These challenges may stem from past difficult experiences like unresolved fears or some anxiety about closeness. These are sensitive topics are difficult to navigate, so it is helpful to have a guided discussion to address roadblocks with deepening your relationships.

Terapia em Português

É importante para nós que você encontre um terapeuta que faça você se sentir confortável, seguro e compreendido. Ajudar você a desenvolver um espaço significativo com seu terapeuta é nossa prioridade. Então, Lucas Saiter oferece psicoterapia em português para brasileiros e falantes de português para ajudar a aliviar a barreira da língua na terapia e criar um espaço de cura para os clientes. Mais informações podem ser encontradas em sua biografia traduzida em português na página da equipe.

Weekend therapy

It can be difficult finding time in a busy weekday to commit to therapy. It might be even more difficult finding a therapist that sees clients on weekends. NYC Therapy + Wellness is here to help. Feel free to reach out to us so that we can help you set up an appointment with us on the weekend.

grief and bereavement

Grief is the normal process of reacting to the loss. Grief reactions may be felt in response to physical losses (for example, a death) or in response to symbolic or social losses (for example, divorce or loss of a job). 


Moving to a new place may be a big adjustment, especially if it is a whole new country. Although all NYC Therapy + Wellness practitioners can help clients manage culture shock, feelings of loneliness, and the barriers that may accompany immigration, Lucas has first-hand experience being an immigrant. He also offers sessions in Brazilian Portuguese. More information can be found in his Portuguese translated bio on the team page.

identity concerns

Developing a sense of self or an identity is an essential part of every individual becoming mature. Identity or parts of identity may be classified by any number of things such as religion, race, sexual preference, gender, and/or ethnicity. Through psychotherapy, clients may reduce their depression, find ways to cope with struggles associated with their identity issues, and ultimately find themselves in the process.

Couples/marital Therapy

Relationships can sometimes be challenging, usually triggering past experiences. This is a normal way our heart protects itself by using past experiences to avoid heartbreak. However, there is a way to move past tension, cheating, arguments, and other issues. We offer couples therapy for those wishing to remember their love for each other. Whether you and your partner are going through a rough patch or years of heartbreak, we are here to support and help you rediscover the passion you once had for each other.


After any distressing or life-threatening event, psychological trauma may set in. Sufferers may develop extreme anxiety, anger, sadness, or PTSD, or they may have ongoing problems with sleep or physical pain, relationships ,or self-esteem. Many people overcome trauma, offering inspiration to others who have had life-altering negative experiences. 

LGBTQIA+ AFfirmation

Whether you need help with coming out, feeling more grounded in your identity or sexual orientation, or just everyday struggles, there is often a lot of emotion involved. Counseling can help you deal with these big changes in your life, and it can be a step towards transformation. Whatever your LGBT+ needs may be, NYC Therapy + Wellness offers a safe support network for all members of the LGBT+ community.

young adults

Young adult issues -- which may arise in those who are in their late teens and throughout the twenties -- may consist of a number of developmental concerns, including difficulties with peers, school or career challenges, differentiating oneself from ones family, and so on.  Many also move into new roles and responsibilities: They may begin higher education studies, enter the workforce, or move away from home. The pressure of growing up can become stressful, and therapy can be great source of support as you adjust to a new phase of life.

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