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The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.
— William James

We’ve created these worksheets for you in an effort to continue being supportive and guide individuals toward positive momentum and growth. These worksheets are meant to supplement the work we do together in therapy. Feel free to let us know if there are worksheets you’d like to see on this page so that we can continue contributing to the community.

WORKSHEET: Talking to insurance +

When you are done gathering the information, you should be able to answer the majority of this script. It may be helpful to fill this form and read it aloud to the insurance representative to confirm that you have all of the correct information:

  1. (YES NO), I have out-of-network coverage.

  2. My annual individual deductible is ($XXXX). I have met ($XXXX) of my deductible.

  3. They will cover (unlimited amounts/# COVERED) session(s).

  4. My out-of-pocket expenses are ($XXXX).

  5. My insurance plan with cover (XX%) of the allowed amount for mental health services.

  6. I (do/do not) need preauthorization for 45 minute meetings. I (do/do not) need preauthorization for 60 minute meetings.

  7. My policy start date is (month or date of policy cycle).

  8. They told me that the allowed amount or usual and customary rate is ($XXX).