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Self-Awareness for Entrepreneurs: How to Develop Emotional Intelligence and Become More Successful

You had an innovative idea, the idea became your desire, and the desire blossomed into your business. You’re an entrepreneur, it’s part of your DNA now. And now you’re faced with new experiences -- some of which you hoped for, and others you didn’t see coming and wish you didn’t have to confront.

While being in business for oneself is exhilarating, it also means living in flux – constantly adapting to change, course-correcting when necessary, and rolling with the punches. So how do you navigate this exciting, and and often uncertain time, all the while moving towards success?

As an entrepreneur, self-awareness is one of the most vital skills that you can cultivate so that you can become more successful. Becoming a self-aware will help you work through the whirlwind of  experiences you’ll undoubtedly face with integrity, grace, a little less stress, and an abundance of   life-affirming compassion for yourself and others like you.

SELF-AWARENESS TIP FOR SUCCESS #1: Regard Mistakes as Learning Assignments

 As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that it is hard to come to terms with the mistakes we make along the way. In the end, we are the ones that endure the consequences, both publicly and quietly. Self-awareness is something that can ground you, and it will help you to remember that mistakes are inevitable along your journey. Understanding that errors and setbacks are part of the nature of entrepreneurship will help in the process of growing your business, managing your stress level, and taking care of yourself at the end of the day. Instead of looking at the mistakes and hardships as failures,  try to regard each mistake as a valuable learning lesson. - Being overly self-critical, unforgiving, and ruminating on “missing the mark” won’t do you much good if you aren’t able to rebound within a reasonable amount of time.  

Make a note of the mistake, identify improvements that can be made, and then take action to resolve. And remember to power of living in the present moment.

SELF-AWARENESS TIP FOR SUCCESS #2: Become Aware of Negative Thought Patterns

Most people tend to hold onto their mistakes and  fear repeating them. Unfortunately, this can become a self-fulfilling prophecy; what we defended against becomes true for us, and what give our attention to is magnified and tends to be what we attract and manifest for ourselves.  Therefore, if you’re obsessing over your mistakes, you’re more likely to create mental patterns that are fear based and ultimately self-defeating. Try to become more aware of the repetitive nature of your thoughts you have about yourself, and make efforts to make sure they are positively aligned with who you want to be, and who and what you are working towards becoming each and every day. You’ll feel more energized and inspiring to others as a beacon of hope and motivating force with which to be reckoned.   

Allow the Past to Stay in the Past, and Marvel at the Possibilities Ahead

Another helpful tip is to try to allow the past to stay in the past in order to allow for  new circumstances and possibilities in the present to flourish. Remember how your idea or venture is life affirming, innovative and creative. Chanel the inner child inside you who wakes up wondering what is going to happen and allow the magic of living in the moment to be present in their lives. As adults, we wake up thinking we already know what is going to happen, which halts creativity and makes us shortsighted. Let go of the past and allow yourself to wonder at the marvels of what may unfold for you and your business. Don’t lose the anticipation of what a new day might hold by falling into a cycle of projecting your fears. Forgive yourself and others, and live in the present, so that you can tap into the excitement about life.


Try meditating every single day. If you are not familiar with meditating, find a practice that will assist you in the process. During meditation, if you notice attacking thoughts, like, “you suck at meditation,” or “there you go again, you can’t concentrate and calm your mind,” take note and then stop those thoughts right in their tracks. Acknowledge and release them, then replace them with beliefs that align with the loving, great, and fully capable person that you are. The practice of acknowledging and releasing negative narratives during meditation will assist you in releasing the stories that hold you back from expansion.

Self-Awareness is being conscious of your thoughts, feelings, desires and actions.

SELF-AWARENESS TIP FOR SUCCESS #4: Have Realistic Expectations… and Make Improvements Where You Can

An entrepreneur is self-aware so that he or she is able to recognize where they excel, and where improvements can be made. When you are aware of your own capabilities, the expectations surrounding the tasks at hand become more realistic, which neutralizes conflicting narratives that tend to to appear when things don’t go as planned. Remind yourself of your accomplishments, of things that you are grateful for, and the grand plans you have for yourself so that you may remain connected to the greatness you hold inside. Get creative - try incorporating positive affirmation reminders in your phone's calendar to assist you in the process of changing your thought patterns. Replace the negative narratives with uplifting stories about yourself and your business venture. As you remind yourself of the your accomplishments, no matter how big and small, you will start to reconnect with your desire  and act accordingly, attracting the greatness that will propel you forward in your journey. Taking responsibility for your thoughts in this way is one of the most important steps towards transforming your experience from a stressful one to something positive and forward thinking.

Elevate your thoughts. Elevate your venture. Elevate the world.


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