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How To Stay In Flow and Abundance: 3 Tips To Maintain Positive Momentum In Your Life

Often times, we operate from a place of scarcity and lack. We think there isn’t enough love, good fortune, or money to go around. People who seem to have it all are merely “lucky,” and those who struggle are “cursed.”

Contrary to these widely held beliefs, we live in a Universe that is designed to support us. Therefore, we are not born of lack, but of abundance. The truth is, anything that is available to one person, is available to us all. Some of us are just less attuned to this than others. The issue is not a lack of luck or a lack of resources—the true explanation for the blockages in your life stems from a lack of flow.

What is flow?

Flow can be explained as a stream of constant openness to the possibility of all things unfolding in front of us. To live in flow means to vibrate at an elevated level of consciousness, where one lives in expectation, gratitude, and faith rather than fear, greed, and doubt.

From a place of flow, you come to understand that everything in the Universe, including you, is comprised of limitless abundance. There are no boundaries to what you can achieve, and if you can stretch your mind to imagine a goal, circumstance, or achievement, you can stretch your life to match that same vision.

You may be asking, if we all live in an abundant Universe, why do so many people live in lack or suffering?

Suffering in all of its forms stems from an interruption of flow and the refusal to accept that all of life is in a state of flux, or impermanence. Pain, distress, trauma, depression, anxiety—all of these interrupt our stream of flow, thus damaging the connection to our inner love, light, and possibilities.

No obstacle in life is insurmountable.  Yet pain, in its many forms, is such a powerful distraction that it keeps us from jumping back into the rhythm of flow. While misfortune and disadvantages are very real life  issues, they can be overcome once we learn to heal the damaged parts of  our true selves and reconnect with the flow of life.

Here are 3 helpful recommendations for maintaining flow and building upon the positive momentum in life:

Stay In Flow and Abundance, Tip #1: Mirror Work

Mirror work is perhaps one of the most powerful ways to build a momentum of positive energy. If you look beyond the reflection of your physical appearance and into your being (by focusing on your eyes), you can learn to speak to your core being on a more intimate level of honesty and vulnerability.

Mirror work entails looking at yourself in the mirror while speaking positive, self-affirming thoughts.

These thoughts may often begin with “I am,” and end with an adjective that validates your worth as an infinite being. “I am worthy,” “I am enough,” “I am intelligent,” “I am loved”—these are all affirmations that you can say to yourself in the mirror every day to build up a flow of positivity and self-love.

If you are not used to speaking highly of yourself, mirror work may feel uncomfortable at first, or maybe even like you are lying. However, if you stick to it, mirror work help you ease into flow by challenging you to associate your own image with words of life and possibility.

Stay In Flow and Abundance, Tip #2: Anchor Statements

Anchor statements are similar to affirmations, but while affirmations build flow, anchor statements are particularly helpful for reestablishing flow once you’ve fallen out of rhythm. For example, maybe you’ve been feeling pretty good about life, but then you get hit with a series of unfortunate events in succession. Maybe you wake up and stub your toe on the table, and then you burn your tongue sipping tea. Then, of course, something messes up your commute on the way to work, and you arrive to find out a coworker has dropped the ball and left a huge mess for you to clean up.

On days like these, it may seem like the world is against you, but the truth is, you’ve allowed one or two bad moments to knock you out of flow. The moment you woke up and hurt your toe, you may have activated the negative side of your brain, beginning a cascade of negative thoughts and emotions, which then tempts you with a-million-and-one reasons why this should be the worst day of your life. When it starts raining, instead of seeing it as mere coincidence, you decide it must be because the Universe is targeting you with an extra dose of bad luck.

This is where an anchor statement can come in handy.

An anchor statement is an affirmation specifically designed to interrupt a string of negative thoughts with a positive thought. It anchors or grounds you back to reality and the present moment, where you remember that you hold the power to determine your life.

For maximum effect, tailor your anchor statements so that they resonate with you. Choose a phrase that makes you feel uplifted and invincible, and repeat it to yourself (or even better, aloud) whenever you catch your thoughts or attitude spiraling into negativity.

While anchoring statements are best when crafted personally, one that is extremely powerful is, “In this moment, all needs are met.” Despite whatever circumstance may be leaving you unhappy or uncomfortable, reminding yourself that all physical needs are met is a powerful way to interrupt the barrage of negativity. The truth is, if, in any given moment, you have shelter, food, and warmth, all of your essential needs are met, and anything else you’re stressing about is either solvable. Another great anchoring statement is simply, “breathe” or “release.” Reminding yourself to breathe and release mutes the noise in your head and grounds you back into your physical body and the present moment.

Stay In Flow and Abundance, Tip #3: Cultivate a safe space

We live in a world of stimuli; it is impossible to avoid undesirable circumstances forever. While we may not be able to control the actions of other people, we can control our own emotional space. Because of this, it is crucial to cultivate your physical space as a safe and comfortable place for you to retreat from the negativity of the outside world and recharge. Try decorating your bedroom walls with relaxing colors and items that anchor you. Perhaps lighting candles will help to relax you after a stressful day. Some people are extremely comforted by sounds of the ocean or rain, which you may want to play on an audio loop as you unwind before bed. These may seem like indulgences at first, but they can be extremely helpful.

Having a space of comfort that is personally curated and focused on your well-being will help you to reestablish your flow, regardless of what outside circumstances are going on in your life.

Flow isn’t about staying positive or happy all the time. On the contrary, flow is about knowing that negative moments or periods in life are merely temporary, and having faith that they too shall pass and that things will get better again. It requires that we be emotionally resilient and that we have faith in the cyclical nature of all things. What goes up must come down, and vice versa; either way, being in flow means trusting that you will be okay.


Dr. Logan Jones is a therapist and counselor in private practice in New York City. He aids people in search of personal and professional direction in building confidence and releasing blockages from harbored pain. If you are in need of tools to manifest more abundance in your life, book an appointment today.
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