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How to Find Affordable Therapy in NYC?

Mental health is an investment, and in New York City it can often come at a great cost. However, money should not prevent someone from getting the help that they deserve. No one should feel alone because they simply can’t afford the proper mental health treatment. Know that you are not alone, others share in the struggle to find affordable mental health therapy.

Although some have insurance that might help cover a portion of the cost of therapy, it is not always enough, and for those who do not have insurance, paying several hundred dollars a month is out of the question. This creates a challenge for those who are living in New York City and cannot find affordable therapy. Here are a few tips on how you might be able to find it:

Tip #1: Online

The internet is quickly becoming the main source people go to when seeking help. Websites, such as Psychology Today or Open Path, offer a vast selection of therapists that offer reduced-fee or sliding scale appointments. Therapists on these sites are vetted, which can bring comfort to those who might be seeking therapy for the first time. In addition, you can see your therapists photo and usually read a biography or philosophy and their approach to psychotherapy. What is possibly the best feature of finding a therapist online is how specific you can filter your search. Whether it’s by the language you feel most comfortable speaking or finding an expert on the issue you are facing, finding a therapist that seems like the right fit is vital to the work you will do.

Tip #2: Clinics or Hospitals

There are many clinics in the five boroughs that offer sliding scale, and sometimes even free, services. Sliding scale clinics usually base the therapy fee on your level of income, so it is important to have that information readily available (e.g., pay stubs). For those looking for more acute care, hospitals may be a better option. In addition, both clinics and hospitals often provide group therapy, which can be a productive experience.

Universities often have training clinics that are open to the community, where graduate students are completing their training under rigorous supervision by a licensed mental health clinician. These clinics usually have sliding scales as well. I’ve seen clinics charge anywhere from $5 to $50 per session

Tip #3: Community Centers

In addition, one might consider visiting a community mental health center for services. They are typically very affordable, free or very low cost, and cater to those with a lower income level. Again, having your income information readily available, and any other information the center might need, can expedite the process. Keep in mind though that these community centers typically experience a high demand, so wait times can be long. A simple search online can usually show the community mental health centers closest to you.

Are you seeking affordable therapy in New York City?

Lucas Saiter is an affordable psychotherapist in New York City. He specializes in providing therapy to those struggling with financial issues, problems at work, and more. If you are looking for a therapist near central Manhattan, in the Flatiron District area, contact him today for a complimentary phone consultation.